Special Issue Guidelines

Special issues of the journal should provide up-to-date, reliable scientific material in a particular field. It should contain all types of articles accepted by the journals and should be of high quality in terms of knowledge and grammar. Editors and Guest Editors from the same field of study will manage Special Issues, and their proposal submissions should include a list of potential contributors. To ensure quality and compliance with the Journals' standards, the papers published in the Special Issues will go through the standard peer-review procedure.

Role of EB Members:

  • Verify the proposed Special Issues for their relevance to ongoing research in the relevant discipline.
  • Recommend suitable proposals and their Guest Editors along with their biographies.
  • The respective Guest Editors are in charge of handling and processing the Special Issue articles after the EB members accept a request for a Special Issue.

Role of Guest Editor(s):

  • Create a summary or introduction for the Special Issue's subject.
  • Invite them to submit pertinent articles for the proposed special issue by suggesting potential authors and inviting them to do so.
  • Put up a minimum of 3-5 reviewers for the submitted manuscripts. There should be at least two reviewers for each manuscript. One of the reviewers may be the guest editor.
  • Make a release timetable and timeline for the Special Issue. A schedule for the creation of the manuscript, the review procedure, and the final submission should be included.

Submission Process:

  • Original, unpublished research papers and reviews relevant to the particular theme are permitted as special issue articles.
  • A cover letter should be included with the submission, mentioning the relevant special issue theme.
  • Manuscript submissions can be made through the online submission system or by mail to Submisison@biomedscis.com. In the event that the manuscript is successfully submitted, an acknowledgment letter will be given.
  • Before submitting, authors are advised to read the Author Guidelines.
  • Only manuscripts that have been approved by the peer review committee [chosen by the Guest Editor(s)] will be accepted for publication in the Special Issue.
  • The formatting and style guidelines for journals should be strictly followed by every article in Special Issues.