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Introduction to Peer Review Process

Peer Review Process refers to a system, which is used to access Manuscript quality before it is published online. All the independent researchers/experts/professionals in the relevant field are subjected to assess the submitted manuscripts for validity, originality, and significance to help editors determine whether a manuscript should be published in their journal.

Peer Review Process can also help to establish a method by which it can be evaluated and enhance networking possibilities within research communities and helps to validate the research works. Nevertheless, to say, Peer Review has widely accepted method for research validation.

This Peer review process helps in validating the research works, establish a method by which it can be evaluated and increase networking possibilities within research communities. Keeping criticism aside, peer review is still one of the extensively accepted method for biomedical research validation.

The well-written research articles that meet brilliant scientific standards, records, explanations, and testimonials of their work presented with Bibliographic reasoning rely are only accepted for our Open Access Journal of Biomedical Science publication.

Types of Peer Review Process

Single Blind:

Single Blind Peer Review Process means authors are completely unaware about the reviewers but the editors are aware of the authors’ identity. This method serves to reduce chances of conflict as there is huge impact if author’s known identity could influence the review.

Double Blind:

In this process, both the author and peer reviewers are not aware of each other’s identity. In a double-blind peer review, articles offer a reliable form of scientific communication as it is scrutinized based on the content provided irrespective of the submitted person or the area of submission.

Another type of Review process – Open Peer Review

In this Open Peer Review process, both author's and reviewers' identities are well-known to each other.

Which Peer-Review Process did Open Access Journal of Biomedical Science follow?

Our Open Access Journal of Biomedical Science follows Double-blind peer review process, in which both the editors and authors who are going to review the articles submitted and approve for publication are completely unaware of each other’s identity. Moreover, our Manager of Editor Department assigns the articles, which are received from the researchers to the reviewers/editors along with an electronic review form in which the reviewers are initially supposed to check the scope of the manuscript whether fits to the journal or not then, they need to fill the form of a questionnaire and at the end they will provide their comments or any suggestions/edits in the paper (if required) to approve the manuscript for publication in the journal.

If a paper/article is rejected, this does not necessarily mean it is of poor quality and it may be rejected it doesn't meet the high standards of originality and novelty as per the guidelines. The journal will get publish if the reviewer suggests only minor edits but before that, the author is asked to make those corrections.

Authors are submit all their proposals and manuscripts, use our email (or) through our Electronic Form    Online Submission