Open Access is a process where it will freely open online access for the information, data, easily readable. Download or any other way with the limits of the legal process it is called “Open Access”.
Please click on the manuscript submission link and fill the details they requested Or by attaching manuscript to their specific journal.
OAJBS may accept all type of an articles such as Research Article; Review Article; Case Report; Short Communication; Mini-Review; Opinion; Perspective; Commentary; Editorial, Letter-to-Editor etc.
There is no page limit for writing manuscript. You may send as you can finish the articles.
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There will be no extra charges for colour images and for number of pages in manuscripts.
On A-Z Journal Menu you click on the trace of manuscript fill the details. So, that we can contact you and update the status.
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Processing charges will be completely depends on type of an article. Please go through the processing fee link. So, you can get idea for charges.
OAJBS will cover all the journals which is related to Life Sciences, Medical Science, Pharma, Clinical, Chemistry, Engineering Groups. Or you may submit your articles based on your research interest also.