OAJBS Membership

Our Open Access Journal of Biomedical Science is intended for writers who want to produce a certain number of pieces each year. The cost of publishing those papers individually would be very expensive. The annual membership option requires a one-time payment for one year of publishing. Pay once, publish for a year. No APCs. If a department or institution chooses the yearly plan, they can publish all of their articles for no cost throughout that year. A year from the payment date, the membership is valid. The articles are free to read for our users.

Types of Membership Plans

OAJBS intends to provide membership plans such as

  • Student Membership
  • Individual Membership
  • Research Institutes/Companies
  • University


  • Members will get full waivers for any number of articles submitted to OAJBS in an annual period without thinking about financial planning.
  • A certificate of yearly membership will be given to members.
  • For their publications, OAJBS offers reprints as well as a quick DOI.
  • Members are permitted to produce two e-Books each year.


  • Throughout the membership time, the logos of registered universities will be displayed as the organization's official partners.
  • Papers will be evaluated promptly.
  • We would gladly post any information you like to promote on our website.

OAJBS membership was created only to provide writers with additional advantages. We are always ready to provide you with better opportunities that are of high quality and affordable.

Regarding the membership fee, please mail us at “support@biomedscis.com”.

Membership 1 Year
Student Membership $2499
Individual Membership $3699
Research Institutes/Companies $5499
University $6399