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Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

In Open Access Journal of Biomedical Science (OAJBS) Publication Ethics for all manuscripts that include figures or videos relating to individual participants must be relevant. We will follow COPE (Committee of Publication Ethics) guidelines to ensure the journal quality and maintain high standards for our OAJBS publications.

All the authors who submit their manuscripts will be reporting from a clinical trial to register the trials registries. Any research work involving in human subjects, materials or data it must have been performed in Declaration of Helsinki only. In rare cases editors may contact ethics committee for more information. Editor will reject an article if they may have right account for animal welfare issues. All the authors should involve in their research or experiments they have got confirmation that all participants and/or their legal guardians.

Editors Guidelines

Board members can review the assigned manuscripts at their suitable time only and if you are unable for reviewing the manuscript, Board members can suggest other reviewers. Board members have to involve continuous progress about our journal and update them with new ideas for citation development. Our Board members are independent experts responsible for deciding whether or not a manuscript should be published in our journal. Board members have to keep their vision that the topic matter of the manuscripts reflects any changes of direction in the field of study to include futuristic work, this may require inviting manuscripts or special issues. If any misdemeanors/abuse of the rules or records, the board will interrupt the clarity of the published or the unpublished manuscript until the issue is convincingly work out. Due to high number of submissions and the quality of the journal being broad it might be not possible for one board member to make informed choices about submissions in all subject areas.

Author Guidelines

Reporting Standards

Author should submit their paper which contains necessary details and references to allow others to replicate their work. Intentionally inaccurate statements represent unethical behavior are unacceptable.


The articles submitted by authors must contain a minimum of 80% unique content (Which should be unique and must not copy from any other web sites). The authors must maintain 100% uniqueness in the Results and conclusion part of the text. We will resend the articles, which have below 80% uniqueness to the authors for revision and asked for resubmissions with uniqueness (as per guidelines).

Multiple or Concomitant Publication

Open Access Journal of Biomedical Science (OAJBS) has a legal responsibility to ensure that its journals do not publish material that interfere with copyright or includes slanderous content. Manuscripts containing material that invades copyright or is potentially unfounded data will be rejected. Corresponding Author is responsible for all author for the compilation for copyright assignment. For readers it is free to read, share, download these articles for intellectual/research purposes as it is an open access journal. However, they will not copy blindly and copyrighted material in their work/manuscript/paper/lecture/seminar. Any reference from these manuscripts should be properly approved, or prior permission should be taken from the copyright holder. The publisher or any other party does not hold the copyright for the manuscripts. In Open Access Journal of Biomedical Science (OAJBS) we ask that authors enter their funding status during the manuscript/article submission. We can use that information to determine whether it may be a CC BY NC license is mandated. Any subsequent reuse or distribution of content licensed under CC BY NC must maintain attribution for an author(s) and the published article's title, journal citation, and DOI. OAJBS follows the Creative Commons Attribution License and All the works published in OAJBS are under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. Our journal follows CC-BY-NC license.

Authorship of the Paper

Open Access Journal of Biomedical Science (OAJBS) Procurement of funding, collection of data, or overall guidance of the research group alone does not usually justify authors. All contributors who will support for an article will also be listed in acknowledgement. Open Access Journal of Biomedical Science (OAJBS) requires written confirmation from all authors should agree with any proposed changes in authorship of already submitted manuscripts. In OAJBS all the authors should contact through email from the submission till the publishing of an article. If any issues are related to authors, it should be resolved/discuss before the manuscript is published in a Journal. If authors have any changes/requirements in article only corresponding author is responsible for the entire process. If article is once submitted, it cannot be changed for all the contributors.

Conflicts of Interest

In Open Access Journal of Biomedical Science (OAJBS) if manuscript has been submitted it must include a ‘conflict of interest’ section at the end of the manuscript. If funding is not available from the author's institution, this should be specified upon submission only. If authors working on any sponsored clinical trials or publications, should declare such works under conflict of Interest during submission.

Corrections or Retractions

In Open Access Journal of Biomedical Science (OAJBS) Corrections or retractions will be done for the published articles only. In the un-exceptional event that material is considered to interfere with certain rights or slanderous we may have to remove that material from our site and archive sites. If the article is retracted, the HTML version, PDF, Full text, Abstract will be removed from our OAJBS. You should give explanation for retraction an article from our OAJBS. The retraction method depends on the publication stage of the article.

Authors are submit all their proposals and manuscripts, use our email info@biomedscis.com (or) through our Electronic Form    Online Submission