Open Access Month Issue

The academic and research communities will explore more about the various advantages of open access during Open Access Week, share their knowledge with peers, and encourage more people to become involved in making open access a new standard in scholarship and research. Open Access to Information, which gives anybody free, immediate access to online academic research findings and the freedom to use and reuse those findings as needed, has the potential to completely change how to research and scientific inquiry are carried out. It has immediate and wide-ranging effects on society as well as on the fields of academics, health, science, and industry. Open Access Week is a priceless opportunity to connect the worldwide trend toward open information sharing with the development of legislative reforms and the significance of social concerns impacting people all over the world. Worldwide, people, institutions, and organizations all participate in the celebration. In this issue we publish all the articles which we received in the month of October.

In our Open Access Week Special Edition, we publish articles related to

  • Life Sciences
  • Medical Sciences
  • Clinical Sciences
  • Pharma Sciences
  • Engineering groups

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