Reputed Intensions Behind the Corona Outbreak


Despite the Chinese denial and coverup attempts by supporting scientists, there is no dispute regarding the fact that the Corona virus appeared initially in Wuhan, a centre of a military laboratory developing biological weapons. Moreover, the Chinese attempts to link the viral appearance to a contaminated bat in the city market seem almost absurd in light of the enormous distance of Wuhan from the South Chinese habitat of bats carrying viruses of the SARSMERS- Corona family. A major question, still open, is why China did not warn the world as soon as they knew about the detrimental effects of Covid-19 years prior to its outbreak. An additional unsettled issue regarding the Chinese attitude and handling of the entire crisis was exposed during the visit of their president and his company at the Wuhan military laboratory, a relatively short while after the viral outbreak and quarantine enforced on the entire city. During their photographed visit, or at least part of it, the presidential group did not wear masks, an amazing behaviour suggesting that they felt protected. This increases the suspicion that the Chinese knew about the risks of the virus long enough to prepare some means of protection. The attempts to withhold the biological treat that went out of control is undoubtedly reckless as it endangered the entire world. It seems that human life is ‘cheap’ in the eyes of the Chinese regime, thus raising despicable ideas about hidden intentions they might have had behind the entire Corona saga. The first putative intention was likely a retaliating step against the West following a few years of restrictions on the Chinese commerce. Despite the danger in releasing the virus toward their own population, and since human life do not seem to be at the highest priority, they might have taken a strategic decision with an objective to harm the Western economy, especially in the United States, while knowing that many will die. This suggestion is extremely bothering as it raises the possibility that World War III has already begun using biological weapons. The limited ability to control bacteria or viruses that endanger humanity may lead to unprecedented consequences, and still many countries continue to develop such means in secret laboratories. This irresponsible activity is astounding as it may bring our species to the frightening borderline of self-destruction. As irrational as it may sound, there could be an additional hidden intention behind the Chinese putative decision to release the virus. Since the immunity of older people is less effective compared to younger populations, they are more vulnerable to the detrimental effects of the virus. Therefore, although release of Covid-19 could lead to horrible consequences, it might also render substantial reduction in the Chinese population of the elderly, a constantly growing burden on their future economy. Between the preservation of life and China’s economy, it seems that economy prevails, and so a high death toll in the older population would decrease the future enormous expenses required to support the elderly without considerable impact on the Chinese overpopulated future. No doubt, it was clear that both directions would harm millions worldwide, but in todays’ struggle over economic dominance, the value of human life in the Chinese eyes is secondary. Although this outrageous assumption is theoretical, it cannot be ignored considering the Chinese attempts to hide their reckless behaviour upon the viral outbreak. Finally, the recent Chinese support in the Russian invasion to Ukraine raises another suspicion that hopefully would not be realized. That is associated with the Chinese long-term desire to take over Taiwan, on the basis of the claim that it is part of China. The Chinese support in the Russian invasion to Ukraine may be rationalized in assuming that both leaders have decided to change the world order and limit the political and economic leadership of the United States as a main superpower. A weak response to the invasion to Ukraine might signal weakness, and so a hostile take-over of Taiwan might pass as well with minor retaliation. Overall, it seems that the release of Covid-19 by China, followed by the Russian invasion to Ukraine, may be part of a Chinese-Russian plan to gain resources and change the world order achieved after World War II and the division of the Soviet Union into several independent states. Although hard to believe, it seems that we witness nowadays the come-back of bruteforce colonialism.

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Received Date: April 07, 2022
Published: April 25, 2022

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Michael Gurevitz, Department of Plant Molecular Biology and Ecology, George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv 69978, Israel


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Department of Plant Molecular Biology and Ecology, George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv 69978, Israel