A study of the frequency of fingerprint patterns indicates that individuals who display the radial loop pattern are mentally elevated. Individuals with this distinction are of great value! Notwithstanding, there is no digit that displays the frequency of a radial loop classification over 2%. The highest frequency of a radial loop classification under the NCIC FPC for the male population is a radial loop with a ridge count of four; displayed on the left index. Out of 17,951,192 males, only 343,812 maintained this classification. This is 1.915260001% of the total. In a female population of 4,313,521, the highest frequency again is on the left index; a ridge count of three numbering 71,439. This is 1.656164419 % of the total. The display of a radial loop is therefore a rare occurrence.

In reference to radial ridge formations, I have often wondered if a tented arch pattern like the one that was on the right little finger of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. resides midway between the radial and ulnar loop in the evolution of fingerprint patterns. Since radial development precedes ulnar development for the hands, it is logical to assume that radial loops appeared on the human person prior to ulnar loops. The ulnar loop is therefore more recent and maintains the highest frequency of all patterns. As a result, ulnar loops are not likely to dissipate genetically in current time. In comparison, having a low frequency, the radial loop indicates a fading out of evolutionary existence.

Fingerprint technicians established that the first and sixth digits are on the radial side of the hands; the thumb is digit #1, the first digit of the right hand and digit # 6, the first digit of the left hand.

Radial loops are only 6% of all loop patterns. I have noted that the radial and ulnar loop are the only images that are in juxtaposition in the spectrum of fingerprint patterns. Because of this and other findings, I investigated history to discover individuals with the radial loop and found that all of the subjects were mentally elevated in one way or another. I am therefore thinking that one would observe the performance of individuals with this pattern to discover outstanding aptitude. As this is the case, innovative thought can be the objective of their assignments. The idea is to create a committee, team or any organized body of persons from among your already qualified employees. Direct the team to complete an assignment and make the team leader the one with the radial loop pattern; then look to see the creative development of the project.

This is not to say that only persons with radial loops are mentally elevated. It is important to note that other dermal ridge arrangements can disclose mental elevation as well. In this case, I have looked at this pattern enough to see a correlation with the described attribute.

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Received date: November 15, 2019
Published date: November 19, 2019

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Andrés J Washington, Fingerprint Geometric Analysis, Bronx, NY, USA


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