“COVID-19 - POST- COVID SYNDROME” Pandemic: Solutions to the Problem are Visible in the Application of Modern Hirudotherapy and Integrative Medicine


WHO: World Health Organization; MV: Mechanical Ventilation; MCSST: Moscow City Scientific Society of Therapists; SLM: Systemic Method of Leeching


The “COVID-19– Post-Covid Syndrome” pandemic has raised many health issues for all 205 countries affected by the pandemic to a greater or lesser extent. At the same time, it was found that vaccination of the population of different countries did not bring the expected results, as it was with vaccination against poliomyelitis, measles or smallpox viruses. The World Health Organization (WHO) has yet to give a full analysis of the pandemic, but some of the lessons learned by National health centers (Ministries) are already clear. First, many countries have described cases of severe post-vaccination complications, including deaths. Cases of stillbirth with vaccination of pregnant women are reliably shown.

Secondly, it was established that the initial phase of the disease is a viral phase, amenable to treatment with antiviral drugs, for example, ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. The next stage of the disease is the inflammatory phase, when the virus penetrates into the lower parts of the lungs and enters the circulatory system, requires inpatient treatment, the use of Mechanical ventilation (MV) and complex treatment with drugs for clinical indications. An unfavorable combination of risk factors (decreased immunity, age, chronic concomitant diseases, the degree of lung damage, and other factors) leads to death. A significant progress in understanding the pathogenesis of the COVID-19 virus is the collective brainstorming of doctors united in the Moscow City Scientific Society of Therapists (MCSST) named after professor S.P. Botkin. After examining and treating a significant number of patients (more than 2,000 people), with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, during 2020-2021, a diagnosis of POST-COVID SYNDROME was formulated. According to MCSST “POST-COVID SYNDROME” it is: Chronically occurring thrombovasculitis with a predominant lesion of the nervous system (Central, autonomous and peripheral) and skin.

The team of MCSST doctors, represented by its leader professor AP Vorobyov, offers the following treatment for POST-COVID SYNDROME:

a) Apply direct oral anticoagulants, twice a day
b) Plasmapheresis - at least 900 ml, for 1 procedure, at least 5 procedures, daily, with plasma replacement with physiological saline to reduce intoxication. It should be noted that the use of direct anticoagulants has a number of limitations and significant complications with damage to the central nervous system, they can cause nasal, throat and renal bleeding.

Plasmapheresis is applicable only if there is special equipment and trained personnel in the clinics. Given the huge masses of the population affected by the pandemic, the proposed treatment technology has no chance of large-scale application. We offer an alternative solution to the problem of reducing deaths from pneumonia of other complications caused by COVID-19. This alternative treatment is associated with the use of the systemic method of leeching (hirudotherapy) (SML). The proposed treatment is based on 30- years of experience in the use of SML on age-related patients with multi-organ pathology and children of different ages at the Academy of Hirudotherapy in St. Petersburg.

Our experience with the use of SML in the treatment of Post- Covid Syndrome 2020-2022 shows that the treatment of this disease, perhaps, moreover, it is highly effective. Based on the mechanisms of pathogenesis of the COVID-19 virus, we have published a number of priority articles on the treatment of POSTCOVID SYNDROME. The published works reflected the mechanism of action of leeches, to eliminate the fundamental causes of the pathogenesis of the COVID-19 virus. Treatment of lesions of the central, autonomic and peripheral nervous system is based on the discovery of neurotrophic and neuritstimulating factors of the medical leech [1,2]. The thrombolytic and antithrombotic effect of the medical leech was discovered by professor at the Moscow State University (MSU) Baskova IP and colleagues [3,4]. The detoxification effect of hirudotherapy is also attributed to the pathogenetic effect of the treatment of Post-Covid Syndrome [5,4]. Treatment of depression, which is noted in more than 60% with POST-COVID SYNDROME, of which, in 20% there are suicidal thoughts, is associated with the mechanism of increasing the concentration of serotonin in the human brain during treatment with leeches [5,2]. Results have been obtained proving the ability of SML to prevent and eliminate fibrosis of the lung tissue, as a complication of “COVID-19 - Post-Covid Syndrome”. Restoration of physical performance is noted by all patients who have undergone a course of SML. This effect is based on the mechanism of the wave (acoustic) leech effect [6-8]. We implement a similar approach for bone infarction [9] and post-vaccination complications from vaccines of any type [13]. We draw readers’ attention to another aspect of the pandemic – in all countries there is a high mortality rate among medical workers of the “Red Zone”. In the structure of the mortality of medical workers, statistics distinguish as the most affected are surgeons, nurses and doctors. The reason for such a global phenomenon can be associated with the discovery of academician VP Kaznacheev and employees: The phenomenon of intracellular distant electromagnetic interactions in the system of two tissue cultures (Number and priority date: No.122, February 15, 1966). The authors discovered a new way of transmitting biological information [12]. We confirmed the validity and reliability of the conclusions of the group of academician V.P. Kaznacheev already at the level of studying this phenomenon in humans. Light in the ultraviolet range was used as a tool [10].


Theoretically, the mechanism of any therapeutic technology “COVID-19 - POST-COVID SYNDROME” should have a pluripotent effect, as a rule, this is characteristic of herbal preparations. It is no coincidence that almost all patients with the COVID-19 virus in India and China (in China, 90% of patients) receive various herbal preparations [4]. But only hirudotherapy, in the SML variant, has all the components of the pathogenetic treatment of “COVID-19 - Post-Covid Syndrome”. In 2002, a popular American magazine interviewed professor Krashenyuk A.I. from St. - Petersburg, the creator of the first department of hirudotherapy in Russia and the world [11]. The prepared 4-page interview outlined the new therapeutic effects of medical leeches, including the discovery of a neurotrophic and neuritstimulating effect, which allows the treatment of many neurodegenerative diseases, including multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and others. When publishing the magazine from a 4-page interview, one phrase remained: Americans use synthetic hirudins, a major component of leech secretions, for thrombosis of tissue repair, but the most effective – and cheapest – thing to do is to use a real leech [11]. Millions of fans of the popular magazine were deprived of the most important and accessible information back in 2002. My opinion is that probably the editors decided to hedge their bets, because at that time Ronald and Nancy Reagan were quietly passing away. Open sources of information said that the Reagan spouses suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

As a historical echo of justice 20 years later, professor Krashenyuk AI received a letter of gratitude from the 45-th President of the United States Donald John Trump for recommendations for the treatment of “COVID-19 Post-Covid Syndrome” [12]. America is one of the hardest hit countries by the disease. But there is still a problem that does not allow Humanity to relax, this is the problem of the “Immune pit” after a viral infection, this phenomenon creates “Excess mortality” (Epidemiologists invented the term). After the flu, the “Immune pit” is 2-4 months, with “COVID-19 - Post- Covid Syndrome” 12-18 months. Excess mortality occurs as a fatal exacerbation of a chronic disease as a result of a viral infection. That is why, the use of SML can save the lives of many more people in different countries of the world.


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